• "Everyday Inspiration: A Still Life Invitational" at Maude Kerns Gallery

    "Everyday Inspiration: A Still Life Invitational" at Maude Kerns Gallery
  • The Art Center is pleased to present its first-ever still life invitational, “Everyday Inspiration,” opening on May 14. The exhibit features the artwork of 34 Lane County artists ranging from established to emerging artists and includes over 120 individual artworks in the genre of still life.

    Mediums include drawings in charcoal, graphite, and pastels, photography, oil, acrylic, gouache, and watercolor paintings, linocut reduction prints, and textile work. The subjects range from those traditionally associated with still life, such as flowers and fruit, to uncommon objects like a pierced pickle on a fork and broken glassware with a conch shell, to modern stylized forms.

    For the exhibit, Kate Bollons, Sarah Ciampa, Carolyn Gates, Gabriella Soraci, and Jordan K. Walker present three-dimensional examples of still life set ups that function as installation sculptures. Each uses particular items in their installations that reflect their own signature styles. All five artists are current or past art instructors as well as Lane County artists.

    A virtual Artist Talk in conjunction with “Everyday Inspiration” will be held via Zoom on Thursday, May 20, from 6 – 7 pm. The talk includes moderator Sarah Ciampa and artists Lisa Livoni, Gabriella Soraci, and Jordan K. Walker, all artists who work primarily in still life or for whom still life plays a significant role in their body of work. To attend, please contact the Art Center and request that a Zoom link be emailed to you.

  • "The Four Seasons" at Village West Gallery

    "The Four Seasons" at Village West Gallery

    "Daffodils on Window Ledge" is one of 31 works of art selected for "The Four Seasons" group exhibition at Village West Gallery in Jersey City NJ.

    Exhibition Dates: May 15 — July 30, 2017

    Opening Reception: Sunday, May 21, from noon to 4pm.
    There will be a special preview reception on Saturday, May 20 in advance of a seasonally inspired classical concert by acclaimed pianist Katya Grineva and cellist Byron Duckwall. Tickets for the concert will be available for $20, with all money going to the artists.

    Website: Village West Gallery

  • "A Radical Light" Group Exhibition

    "A Radical Light" Group Exhibition

    January 13th - March 10th 2017

    Susan Applegate, Catherine Beard, Nicole Campanello, Kaitlyn Carr-Kiprotich, Matt O. Cosby, Diane English, Janet Hiller, Clara Lanyi, Elizabeth Magee, Mandy Miller, Hiroshi Ogawa, Kristen O’Neill, Susan Roden, Gabriella Soraci, Irv Williams.

    Umpqua Valley Arts Association
    Hallie Brown Ford Gallery
    1624 W Harvard Ave.
    Roseburg, OR 97471
    Gallery Hours TUE - FRI: 10 - 4 SAT: 10 - 2

    Visit uvarts.com for more information